Accio Dan!

He's not really fifteen? Is he?

Accio Dan J Radcliffe
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If you're a fan of Daniel Radcliffe, then this is the place to be. No I'm not going to tell you his street address, even if I knew it! And he does not communicate with his fans through emails or online blogs. Here's a little about him!

Name: Daniel Jacob Radcliffe - Note, his middle name is Jacob and not Alan. Yes I am sure.
Date Of Birth: 23/ July / 1989
Lives: Fulham, England
Description: Blue eyes, Dark hair, Average height - possibly slightly on the short side

My name is Rosiana and yes I am a fan. A big one. Of Harry Potter in general, the movies and of course... the actors!

If you have joined this community to diss him, then please go entertain yourself piling building blocks on top of one another.


P.S- Please do not promote other communites on here. Your post shall be deleted.
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