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Accio Dan!

He's not really fifteen? Is he?

5/23/06 10:29 am - bookofsorrow - dan radcliffe icon


5/15/06 10:06 pm - serpentchick - sweet!

I absolutely love the Harry Potter books and movies & Dan is just so totally awesome! Now I can come here for screensavers and animations and go to DR.com as well...cool beans now I have two sites to go onto woot woot!

by the way...I'm new here!

4/7/06 06:35 pm - bookofsorrow - Dan Radcliffe Wallpaper

two sizes available. click the pictures for bigger versions of each one. (it totally looks best as the 800x600, especially if you center it with the windows background being black, but that's just my personal opinion lol)

comments are love, credit a must. no hotlinking please. thanks! :)

and now, onto the wallpapers:



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3/15/06 01:00 am - hairyhotter - Dan animations at the Empire Film Awards

Yay! I managed to make some Dan animations at the Empire Film Awards out of a video interview. I will be making animations which they go on stage to receive the award. If you are taking any, please credit mtm_animations. Enjoy!


12/25/05 05:28 pm - white_guitar

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Haha, enjoy it, guys :D

[sorry the layout is so out of date >.< I'll work on a nice one soon and change the whole fifteen thing..]

12/23/05 10:09 am - hairyhotter - HPSS premiere animations

Made some animations from the HPSS premiere. There are 4 Dan, 3 Rupert and 3 Emma animations altogether. (Sorry that's not a lot.) Anyway, hope you enjoy them!

By the way, Merry Christmas to all you guys!!!!


The rest are here!

12/18/05 11:29 am - hairyhotter - More Dan animations!

Here are some Dan animations from his appearance on showbiz tonight. Remember to credit mtm_animations if you are to take any of them. Enjoy them!

By the way, I will be making Emma and Rupert animations next, as well as animations from Harry Potter and the Sorceror Stone premiere! You get to see young Dan, Emma and Rupert again! Watch out for this space!


Daniel Radcliffe is loveCollapse )

12/1/05 09:44 pm - hairyhotter - DR animations

Ok girls, get ready a whole box of tissue paper in case your saliva keeps dripping, because you are about to see a very cute yet charming guy-- Daniel Radcliffe animations!!!!!

I made these Dan animations from

~ an Extra interview

~GOF New York premiere

Thanks ExtraTV and Mugglenet for the videos.

ARHHhhhh.......I am totally in love with Dan....

Remember to credit mtm_animations if taking or using any. Enjoy!


More!Collapse )

10/13/05 12:31 am - xingou

ok, i managed to sneak in a little bit of photoshop time this week, and in honor of dan's new haircut was forced to make some new bg's and an icon, i think the black and white one is my favorite

how couls i love hime anymore than i do right now?

i LOVE his hair, i think it looks great

help yourself, and as always... comments are my whorecrux

7/16/05 03:29 pm - charlylover - Help please!

Source: RedFlu.com        

Whichever time we will hope fans Hispanic to be able to read Harry Potter and the half blood prince?  8 months as in the previous book?  I speaking with Salamandra Editorial and it has said the date of publication they do not know it and that they give time them, that is not going away to know to this same Saturday or the next week...  (We hope that they say it before August, because in August they close). 

There are pages in which a species of companies has been opened online so that Salamandra tries to translate the book more quickly.
The request that does to them is the following one: 

To four days of the publication of the book, all we are anxious to discover as she continues the saga, but of the million readers of Hispanic speech how many will read the book?  To the Hispanic loudspeakers, still we have left our own count down. 

With "the Order of the Fénix" the Spanish publishing house took and nothing nothing else less than eight months.  As of Saturday, they will make a decision with respect to the date.  So that you become an idea, France will publish the book in October, and with the exception of Spain (and Latin America) countries like Sweden, Israel, Vietnan, Germany, Italia... have predicted to publish the book before December of this year. 

What we try?  Then to unite to us and to sign in favor of one more a faster translation. 

Although it has been MundoPotter that has taken this initiative, we want to do it of all those that speak Spanish, and thus hoped that the rest of webs, leave to a side any difference and they are united to this camapaña, that without a doubt it will favor us to all. 

And mainly, we make this proposal from the deepest RESPECT.  In order to read and to sign our request, you click HERE.

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